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Dial M Productions - Team Building Activities Los Angeles & Team Building Las Vegas. We provide Team Building Corporate Events. Picnic Games, company picnic activities, drum circles, team motivation, team bonding workshops, team building murder mystery, team building game shows, Jeopardy, Family Feud, Minute To Win it, sport beach games and culinary cooking team bonding events. 


Since 1985 Dial M Productions Los Angeles Event Planner has the knack for putting a new spin on motivational team building events. We specialize in corporate team building activities to renew company spirit, enhancing communication, listening & leadership skills and strengthening management proficiency. Our high-energy interactive workshops are set in a risk-free environment, so team members can explore and learn theory through practice. Put a positive twist on your corporate team building activities with a custom Dial M Team Building Game Show. Let your employees have fun at the beach or park with our Team Building Picnic Games. 


Turn up the fun with corporate team-building workshops. Our expert speakers and motivators tailor the event, per your company’s goals and image. Our corporate team-building workshops stimulate participation in a non-threatening atmosphere. Your staff enhances communication, listening, management skills—as the process inspires and boosts morale. Put our success record in the corporate culture to work for your company. Let Dial M design your upcoming corporate team-building workshops. The fun and inspiration are guaranteed! 




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Coaches for picnic games and sports #Dia


Team Building Games Workshop with Cast &


“Our Top Selling Team building Event” You attend a meeting to hear a "hot shot" motivational guest speaker, when suddenly it just doesn't seem like any other meeting. What's with those guest speakers? Their bickering makes you want to laugh, but should you? You start to wonder-just who hired these people, when, POW, WHAM, CRASH, somebody dies! Any guest is a suspect, including you! Can you have a good laugh and help your team solve the mystery? Teaching five key team working tools. - DIAL M for A Meeting To Die For.



Several different techniques and exercises will be explored in this workshop. Our games involve creativity, group participation and communication. Participants work together with our highly trained team leaders in an atmosphere similar to the televisions show, "Whose line is it anyway?" You'll see teams commit to problem solving skills that they'll be able to take back to their everyday workplace.



A drum circle is a group of people gathered into a circle for the purpose of making music with percussion instruments. Drum Circles create an uplifting activity where anyone can participate at any musical skill level. The steps involved in successfully playing music together as a corporate group creates powerful synergy and enhanced camaraderie. Team Building Interactive Games Get Your Employees Excited and Involved Team Building Drum Circles - Learn To Work Together as a Team.


Let us transform your group into chefs! We can present a very simple taste test for our judges, appetizers for the group, or a complete buffet for the entire group to enjoy. The meal will be selected based on the facility where we will be hosting the event, length of time allowed for this team building, and the budget you have given us. Because you eat and enjoy the delicious food your teams create, your team-building program has a real purpose that impacts and motivates everyone to want to participate.



“Company Feud” This game show is played with two teams. Our Host will ask a question to one team.  They will have a chance to name the most popular responses to that question.  For example: "Name the most popular flavors of ice cream". That question will appear on the projector and each family member (team member) will say what they believe the most popular response would be. These can also include custom questions provided by you. The Game Show Set is an actual prop.  It’s a 10 person playing station consisting of (2) 5-foot player stations. Each contestant will have their own buzzer and microphone. 



Contestants take part in a series of 60-second challenges using objects commonly available around the house. The show, hosted by Dial M Game Show Hosts, offers great a great team bonding experience, which is also perfect for family entertainment. Our Coaches are game coordinators who have learned to instruct activities that are designed to motivate your teams to work together to accomplish each goal.



Our Trivia Game Show is a unique way to enhance team building communication, meetings or incentives. This format is the ultimate tool for audience motivation and interactive entertainment. Questions can also be customized for your company or private party. The set is an actual prop.  It is a 4 person playing station. Each contestant has a score panel that lights up.  Each contestant pushes a "lock-out button" when they know the answer, and each contestant has a microphone. We can also offer a projection of the Jeopardy game board.


YOU'RE HIRED (“The Apprentice”)

Will “The Donald” decide that your team has what it takes to climb the corporate ladder? Live the challenges created on “The Apprentice” T.V. Show, with this inspiring, interactive team building game where you’re not fired, but hired! Your goal is to navigate your team through business objectives to gain the ultimate power position and win The Donald’s approval.



Put together all the fun elements of The Weakest Link, Family Feud & Jeopardy, and you find yourself caught in a team building game that will have everyone eager to answers the questions to win their team a valuable “link”. Our hosts are brilliantly funny and deliver the game in an atmosphere of friendly competition. We also provide: Family aka Corporate Feud, Trivia Mania, Let's Make A Deal and Jeopardy.



For all ages and abilities. Our Coaches & Cheerleaders will attend your company picnic and lead your teams through fun interactive sports games, where no running or rope courses are involved. We have a very wide variety of creative games that will make you laugh as you engage in friendly competition.



An engaging process in which employees write their own songs about what's going on in the organization. Backed by our professional musicians, employees sing their freshly penned songs and verbalize their feelings. Our facilitators are quite skillful at getting even the most reserved to add a line or sing a word. And, there's always enough hams out there to sing the humorous selections of your "corporate-parody blues".



A Casino event played as a team building event. We start off the event with a Practice session with the dealers teaching everyone how to play the various games. We'll break for a meal and hand out packets containing $10,000 to each table who will be designated as a team. Each team will come up with their own strategy to try to win the most money. At a designated time the team with the most money wins!


A few letters of recommendations...



I just wanted to thank you again for leading our team through the Apprentice experience! We couldn’t have imagined or asked for a better complement to our Annual Sales Conference! The Donald was hilarious, the exercises were fantastic, and the whole event was a win for our company! Our senior leadership couldn’t have been more satisfied with the real-world takeaways that your team created for our group. Please feel free to share my contact information as a reference for other companies considering your services… I’d love to share with them how great our experience was! Best, Brian Baggs, Sales Operations

Triumph Learning –NY Brian Baggs -Sales Operations



Kathy Griffin Show

It was an absolute pleasure! I'm so glad you guys could do it at such short notice. You guys were great sports - we all had a lot of fun and we're confident that we got some good material to work with for the piece. I'll be sure to let you know when it will air, most likely sometime in the next 3 weeks. I've attached some photos that were taken, I'll send along more if I find any. I'm glad it worked out so well! 

Thanks again,~Cole & the rest of team KATHY



Hi Peggy, So feedback I received directly was excellent!  The teams had a great time and overall I think it was a great success!  Thanks again to you and the team, the organization, professionalism and outcomes were very much appreciated by the whole team.  We have this week just sent out a survey to all participant on the summit overall, and will share with you the results – and hopefully a few comments from the group. I hope you and the team have a smooth journey back home anyway, it for me was great working with you too… I have already (if that’s ok) passed your contacts on to one of our other business teams having told them about the event… they may reach out sometime in the future!

Joanne Fennel – EXPEDIA 


Team building Picnic Games

Dear Peggy, I have been wanting to write you a note to let you know how wonderful the event was - largely due to you and your team. Thank you so much for your ideas, guidance and hands-on interaction with the planning stages. It was really great to work with a professional such as yourself who understands the "corporate culture" and turn what would have been a typical corporate function into something really special and memorable. Thanks again, Peggy. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Best Regards, Susan Tarde Director, Human Resources American Express Tax and Business Services 


The Longest Chain Game Show

Hi Peggy, Just wanted to thank you again for making our team building event such a success! Everyone had such a great time .. You and your team are hilarious , haven’t laughed so hard in ages! I am sure we will be talking again soon!  

Thanks!   Terry L. Jordan Volt Information Sciences


The Feud Game Show

Hi Peggy- The event went really well.  Matt was wonderful!  We ended up running short of time because our speakers went a little longer than planned, but Matt was able to make it work. The crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves.
Thanks again., Tanya , KS Imaging


Trivia Mania Game Show
Hi Peggy! Just wanted to write you and thank you again for the help with this event. Everything was great and everyone loved the game portion of the evening. It was a big hit! Please also send our thanks to Matt! He was SO!! helpful, we couldn't have done it without him. It was great working with you on this event. We we'll definitely be calling you for next years event.
Best, Sepehr Shojaei, UCI Law School


Jeopardy Game Show

Hi Peggy - Thank you sooooo much for all your (and Matt's) hard work and patience in making Sunday night happen.  Matt was amazing and my boss was over the moon after the game show ended.  We had plenty of questions and everyone LOVED it.  We definitely plan on doing this again next year and would LOVE to have Matt again as he was an amazing host and really made the evening. Thanks a million!!!!
Julie Chamberlain, Young Pharmaceuticals


Team Building Murder Mystery

The team is STILL talking about what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed your production and your team!  You all provided us a wonderful evening of fun - the rhythm was perfect.... not too fast and not too slow, the personalized jokes hit the mark and made us laugh till we hurt, you've helped us discover a few more nicknames (Dr. Evil is now an accepted character at staff meetings), and even got Chris U. to loosen up and hug someone!  Thank you for the great evening of entertainment.  It was the "frosting on the cake" for our off-site!

Paulette Scheffer, Intuit Corporation