Celebrity Lookalikes, Tribute Artists and Celebrity Impersonators are increasingly popular in today's world of celebrity obsession. Companies are using celebrity Lookalikes to promote products and attract guests to parties and trade show booths. Lookalikes have been popular for many years and have been hired to meet and greet guests at the start of a party and pose for photos.  They can also surprise guests by making an entrance, and in the case of Tribute Artists sing a song or two. We manage celebrity lookalikes in Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas Nevada. Contact Dial M Productions with your celebrity lookalikes for hire requests. 

Just A Few Of Our Celebrity Look-Alikes & Impersonators 

Impersonators and Tribute Artists are not the same as
 Look alikes.  Impersonators and Tribute Artists may not look as much like the celebrity they are portraying, but they will speak, act and sing like them.  They are great for mixing and mingling with the guests as they can interact as their celebrity they are portraying would.  Many Impersonators and Tribute Artists can also put on a live stage show. We can combine several impersonators to create a complete “Evening With The Stars” musical review. In this show, all the Impersonators and Tribute Artists will not only perform like the celebrity they are impersonating but sing live. This show is great for a “Classic Style Vegas” theme party or casino night event.  The show can be designed from one to several performers.

People are intrigued when they see a look alike and they stop and talk or ask to have a photograph taken with them
Lookalikes are attention-grabbing and something different, They are perfect for Christmas parties or Birthday surprises, any corporate event or trade show, All of our Look alikes are eye-catching and will have you doing a double take. 

When you hire
aLook Alike or Impersonator from Dial M Productions you have secured the finest talent. Our performers have been pre-approved to be working up to our high quality of standards, professionalism, and time management.  They will arrive for your event early, in proper wardrobe, perform for the specified amount of time, and create an atmosphere that will inspire the guests to socialize and have a great time.  You can rest assured knowing that we carry liability insurance for all of our events.


We have all the popular Hollywood Celebrity Lookalikes, Tribute Artists, and Impersonators. They will meet/greet your guests and pose for photos. They will have high-quality costumes and will be professional performers. 3 Stooges, Abe Lincoln, Alice Cooper, Albert Einstein, Austin Powers, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bono, Britney Spears, Betty Davis, Cher, Charlie Chaplin, Captain Jack Sparrow, David Bowie, David Letterman, Drew Cary, Dolly Parton, Donald Trump, Dean Martin, Elvis, Elvira, Frank Sinatra, Groucho, George Bush, Lady GaGa, Humphrey Bogart, Jay Leno, Johnny Depp, Jlo, Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, James Bond, Katy Perry, Kiss, Liza Minelli, Laurel & Hardy, Lucy & Ricky Ricardo, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Pamela Anderson, Prince Williams, Rat Pack, Robert Di Nero, Stephen Tyler, Sammy Davis, Slash, W.C . Fields, and many more.


 Abraham Lincoln 

Robin Williams 

Charlie Chaplin
Frank Sinatra 
Elvis Presley 
Tom Cruise 
Marilyn Monroe 
Joan Rivers 
Whoopi Goldberg 
Austin Powers 
Britney Spears 
Jennifer Lopez

Katy Perry
Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Captain Jack Sparrow 
Jack Nicholson
Tina Turner
Diana Ross
Donna Summer
Whitney Houston
Joan Rivers
Abraham Lincoln 
Robert DeNiro 
Dean Martin 
Donald Trump
Johnny Cash
Barbra Streisand
Mae West 
Lucy & Ricky Ricardo
Elton John
Betty Boop
Laurel & Hardy 
Howard Stern
Michael Jackson  

Lady GaGa
Tiger Woods
Garth Brooks
Humphrey Bogart
W.C. Fields 
Bette Davis
Liza Minelli

Judy Garland
Sonny Bono 
Jay Leno
Elizabeth Taylor
Felicity- Shagwell
Richard Nixon

Groucho and Marx Brothers
John Travolta 
Steven Spielberg 
Rat Pack Tribute
Nat King Cole
George Clooney
Gwen Stefani 
Bill Clinton

Hilary Clinton
Dolly Parton 
Sammy Davis Jr.
Marx Brothers
Pee Wee Herman
Clark Gable
Albert Einstein
Robert De Niro

Prince Williams


Ben Franklin


And more....




A couple letters of recommendations:


Liza Minelli - She was a smashing success.  She was simply spectacular.  We are still receiving comments on Facebook, emails and voicemails about how great the party was and she was the favorite performer of the evening.  She was very friendly, polite and interacted with the guests, which was perfect. Her performance was well worth the money.  I would definitely hire her again for any of my upcoming events.  Thank you again so much. Priscilla Leone, Radio Talk Show Host


Laurel & Hardy, 3 Stooges and Lucy

Big hit. Professional. Punctual. Excellent performances! Lucy stole the show, but they all did a great job. Brad Heagy– Toyota 


Frank, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe

A very belated thank you for pulling together some of the best impersonators that I have ever seen. Our residents cannot stop talking about the event and truly loved all the entertainment.
Additionally, we are having a casino night on Oct. 25th and I wanted to see if the Austin Powers and the James Bond impersonators might be available? Warm regards,
Stephanie Zeverino Jenkins, Community Relations, Belmont Village