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Los Angeles' Longest Running Murder MysteryShow!


"A delightful mixture of mystery and comedy" - Daily News

"An appealing cast...a terrific time."- Los Angeles Times

"Impressive"- Los Angeles Times

"A Murder Mystery Come Alive"- Pacific Tribune

"A Murder Mystery Come Alive" - San Jose Mercury 



It seems like any other party...until "POW", "WHAM", "CRASH", the person you were chatting with falls over dead! Have you prepared your alibi? Will you be rich and famous or mysterious and aloof?" All guests are invited to lie about their identity. This is "A Murder Mystery Party You'll Die For."


The show begins with a "hunt for clues." From the moment you meet the Mistress of Murder, the plot begins to thicken. Each guest will be given a clue card. They will search for the person with information on their clue card, find a match and the murder mystery is afoot. There are over 50 clues to gather. What a great way to get the murder mystery party started!  


Our sound engineer provides the murder mystery soundtrack as Detective Riley encourages everyone to piece together all the clues to solve the murder mystery. We will "frame" two of your guests as suspects, and they will become a part of the murder mystery show. Other guests can also be implicated in this night of mystery and mayhem. When given information about your guests, we will personalize your murder mystery party to make your event one-of-a-kind!

Dial M Murder Mysteries performed for Peter Falk aka Columbo.

"This is a terrific show!"  - Peter Falk

Peggy Phillips, Producer & Certified Event Planner Dial M Murder Mystery - Since 1985!

A Dial M Murder Mystery with Peter Falk and Peggy Phillips
Murder Mystery Mistress of Murder
Murder Mystery Detective Kenny Riley
Terranea Resort Murder Mystery Winning Team
Murder Mystery Detective Kenny Riley
Dial M 1920s Cat's Meow Hollywood Murder Mystery Cast
Dial M Murder Mystery Winning Team Detective Riley
Detective Riley  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Murder Mystery Dinner Los Angeles
Dial M Murder Mystery Balkans Cast
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M
James Bond Murder Mystery Bond and Bond Girls
Murder Mystery Cast NewYears Eve
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M Detective and Waiter
1920s Murder Mystery Cat's Detective Kelsey
1920s Murder Mystery Mayhem
Dial M Murder Mystery New Year's Eve
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M
Dial M Murder Mystery Cast
1920s Murder Mystery Cat's Meow Mistress of Murder Crystal
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M Detective interrogates guests
CLUE Murder Mystery
Clue Murder Mystery Theme Party
The Cast Cat's Meow Roaring 20s Hollywoo
The Great Gatsby 1920s Themed Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery clue cards Dial M
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M Mrs. Turner Gun
MuRdEr Whodunit
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M winning team
Dial M Murder Mystery New Year's Eve
Sound Engineer Dial M Murder Mysteries
Dial M Murder Mystery New Year's Eve
Dia M Murder Mystery Detective Riley
Murder Mystery Whodunnit
Dial M Murder Mysteries Los Angeles Detective Riley
Dial M Murder Mystery Michelle Peggy Marianne
Hollywood 1920s Murder Mystery Progressive Murder Mystery Cast
Western Murder Mystery DialM
Western Murder Mystery
Western Murder Mystery DIALM
Sherlock Victorian Murder Mystery - Murder on the Orient Express
Maggiano's New Years Eve Winning Team
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M Detective interrogates Waiter
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M Mistress screams
Performing for the troops Dial M Murder Mystery
Hollywood 1920 Murder Mystery Los Angeles Cast
1920s Cat's Meow Cast Hollywood Murder Mystery Los Angeles
Dial M Murder Mystery Crime Scene

The murder mystery plot begins to twist, leaving everyone more suspicious than ever. The murder mystery continues where one murder leads to another. Over dessert, you’ll have the opportunity to solve the murder mystery in teams. For those who can't figure out whodunit, our deadly cast will take their places and perform a summation to expose the suspects. This "Whodunit" will leave everyone “Dying with laughter”.


We can incorporate information about your company, and inside jokes about your guests to make this event a customized production. The show can be designed to suit several formats: A cocktail party, plated dinner, buffet, or no meal.


All Dial M actors are Los Angeles Union talent, performing in this show for 12 to 16 years. They are casts of true professionals with years of experience performing for corporate clients, trade shows, Casinos, private parties, and U.S.O. tours. Los Angeles Event Planner - Certified - Since 1985

A Party To Die For!

Los Angeles' original Murder Mystery Company. The guests interact with the cast of characters to solve the 4 crimes in this murder mystery filled with mystery and comedy.  "A delightful mixture of mystery and comedy" -LA Times. A perfect whodunnit for private parties, corporate events, and team building events. We have several themes; Contemporary, Western, Victorian/Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and 1920 Gatsby.

1920s Hollywood Murder Mystery Whodunnit 

A 1920s themed Los Angeles, Murder Mystery. The Hollywood Party is a progressive social interactive Murder Mystery event, perfect for a Team Building Activity or Murder Mystery Cruise. The Cat's Meow is based on real events from the 1920s. This Murder Mystery allows guests to move to 6 areas where they will interact with 7-8 characters in teams, much like the CLUE Game. 


A Murder Mystery event similar to the CLUE Game. Dial M Murder Mystery HOUSE OF LIES! A WHODUNNIT ~ where Eyes Wide Shut meets CLUE!


Need more information on our Murder Mystery Events? Check out our Murder Mystery Website:



Los Angeles Event Planner for Murder Mystery Parties, Murder Mystery Team Building Activities, Murder Mysteries Dinner Shows in LA & Las Vegas Nevada.

Photos by Evan Wish Photography

Detective Riley arrives on the scene - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Peter makes a toast  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Peter dies  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
 - Dial M Murder Mysteries Whodunnit
Waiter & Peter  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Waiter is a suspect  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Waiter does the tango with Peter  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Waiter walks away - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Mistress of Murder  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Patricia dies 2  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Patricia dies  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
 Dial M Murder Mysteries
Detective Riley interrogates a suspect  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Mistress of Murder 2  - Dial M Murder Mysteries
Guests solve the crimes  - Dial M Murder Mysteries


Just a few letters of recommendations:


You folks were amazing!  We've gotten compliments like "most successful holiday party ever" from coworkers.  Which is great, because when I was first hired, I was party of the holiday planning committee and I was in charge of music.  That year, everyone was in agreement that the music sucked.  So I had some making up to do, and you folks pulled it off with style.  Extra credit goes to the detective for never letting up on the folks.  We all loved it.  You folks were great!  Thanks again, the whole cast!

Rick Becker, Account Manager FM Global


"In recognition of your outstanding performance for our service members of the Peace Stabilization Force (SFOR) Mission Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovia. Sarajevo Base Support Battalion Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to Dial M Productions".  You played a significant role in the success pf the MWR programs at Camp Bondsteel Kosovo.  Thank you for a job well done.

George D Lanning, Col, EN Commanding


Thank you for an exceptional performance.  Your support and dedication contributed greatly to the morale and welfare of the Task Force Falcon soldiers and civilians deployed to the Multinational Brigade East support of Operation Joint Guardian.  Thank you for a job well done and best of luck in all endeavors!

Lester Williams, Commander Sergeant Major


We deeply appreciate you spending time away from your family and friends to bring cheer to deployed soldiers in Kosovo.  Your efforts will be long remembered, not only by those of us here, but also through retelling of the music and excitement that you brought to this far away land. You have earned your place of honor by supporting America’s best.

David G. Sage, Task Force Commander


I wanted to follow up with you regarding our event last Thursday.  Everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - had a blast!!!  We are still talking and laughing about it and many of the employees had never experienced anything quite like this (to include myself) and it was so great!  Please pass along to your performers our utmost gratitude and a sincere THANK YOU for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Jacquie Watson, Administrative Specialist Kaiser Permanente


The Party to Die For was great. You managed everything beautifully.  I always appreciate being able to talk/e-mail directly with you.  I get a good comfort level from that direct communication with "the boss." The actors were great -- conduct, appearance, and personalities.  Very talented in spontaneous humor related to the audience. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Great entertainment and interaction. Overall rating: excellent. Peggy, I wanted to give a gratuity, but didn't get that on the credit card info.  So what I'll do is send you a check.  And I promise I'll send pictures from this year and last.

Ann Freeman, Data Select Systems, Inc.


I wanted to take this time to thank you tremendously for the absolutely wonderful event that you helped us put on. Your show was fabulous and al in our party had a great time. The comedy left us all in stitches. I loved the way you incorporated our associates and company into the play. The venue at the Stinking Rose was also wonderful. The food was delicious and the accommodations were a perfect setting. Thank you again for helping us plans our event and making it so memorable.

Darren Kindgren. Well Point


I'm writing you on behalf of our entire department (Communication Media) here at Hughes Space and Communications Company to tell you how much we enjoyed your murder mystery show at our department holiday party at the Stinking Rose Restaurant on December 10."I've talked with many of the people who attended, and I have not heard one negative comment from anyone. What I have heard are reactions reflecting my own; for example:' It was a fun evening from start to finish. The clue-matching exercise at the beginning was a good mixer without forcing anyone to participate if they really didn't want to.' The production was good theater in every respect. It was well staged amid severe space constraints. Everyone in the company was obviously well rehearsed and prepared. The homework that you did to personalize the show all the way through was very effective and very funny.  Every member of the cast was splendid. They were all skilled actors, seamlessly blending the scripted material with the considerable amount of improv required. Further, they were all 'into' their work, taking it as seriously and wholeheartedly as I would expect of a good cast on stage anywhere. They obviously took pride in what they were doing. Even the song and dance number at the end was terrific. Along with everything else, you all can sing harmony, too! Outstanding! Thanks so much for a great evening!

Joan Rydbeck, For the Communication Media Department, Hughes Space and Communications


The verdict is in, and as expected, Murder at the Mirage is the talk of the town! I just wanted to say thank you once again to you and the entire staff at Dial "M". Your professionalism and ability to work with us in our attempt to create a special weekend for our guests certainly paid off. Your staff is definitely 'one of a kind.' I have never met a group of individuals that work together, mesh so closely, or enjoy what they are doing so much as this group of actors. Each member of the group sparkled individually, and when their talents combined, they lit up the room like the stars on a clear night. I'm sure that their enthusiasm and dedication to you and Dial "M" has been beneficial to Dial "M" becoming so successful in just a few short years. I'm glad that we could be a part of your company's anniversary, and I'm even happier that The Mirage was your first 'adventure' in Las Vegas. We're definitely planning to use your company again. Once again thanks for the great production and continued success to you.

Dona Cassese, Director Club Mirage Casino


Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you on November 21st; Michelle was equally as charming. What I neglected to tell you about our gig at Gladstones is that a number of our Executives are calloused, cynical Murder Mystery veterans. No b.s. here. They RAVED about the performance as being one of the most entertaining murder mysteries they've ever seen. And the Circle of Excellence honorees were truly impressed. We're still getting compliments here from the attendees. Please pass these compliments along to your cast members. Please feel free to use me as a reference, and I will definitely keep your crew in mind to suggest to other organizations.

Wendell J. Grayson, Marketing Services Coordinator First Federal Bank of California


The event was managed very, very well. The actors were very witty and funny. Their personalities were perfect

My guests all enjoyed this event and said it was the best event they have ever attended with our company.

Everyone was talking about it for the next couple of days and everyone agreed it was the funniest show ever!

It was a blast and will recommend to all.

Victoria Johnston, Health Net


The show was great!  The surprise was delayed a bit, we were about 20 min. late but the crew jumped right in and started without being rude or pushy.  The actors were all great; the personal contact with the audience was excellent.  To a person everyone that spoke to me afterward raved about the show.  A couple of people said it was the best birthday party they had ever been to!  The interaction between the inspector and some of the guests was really funny; he really did a great job.  I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun, fast and hilarious night.

Best regards and thanks for all your help,



Thank you and your team of performers for a job well done. If you can e-mail any of the information we spoke about (game show/motivational speaker etc.) please start this process, as I need new or altered concepts for our ever-challenged meeting planners....

Thank your performers and thank you for being on site to pull this show together.

Jeff Enloe, Enloe Productions


We all think the Show WAS GREAT. The actors were absolutely entertaining, fun and very personable. We received lots of comments and I made some calls to some of our clients. They all enjoyed the whole event. We loved the comedy and enjoyed Kyle aka "Mr. Plum" getting attention for his wardrobe. Overall, I enjoyed working with you and we would hire you again for another event. The comedy, entertainment and actors were a hit!! Thank you again, for making it possible to have a fun, successful and entertaining event.

We'll be in touch.

Thank you

Theresa de Ande, Chatterton & Associates


The party was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Everyone had a great time and the actors said we were a great interactive audience. Thank you so much for everything and if you ever need a reference don't hesitate to give out my information!

Chris Mattson, Human Resources, SC Fuels


I just wanted to let you know how our event went. WOW!!!! I am so impressed. This far exceeded our expectations. The cast was so professional and was hilarious! I haven't laughed that much in ages! We all had such a good time and everything was perfect.

Thank you so much for everything. I hope we get the chance to use your services again.

Christy Case Starwood Hotels

Just a few of the companies we're worked for....

Dial M Productions has worked with most Fortune 500 Companies.
Dial M Productions has worked with most Fortune 500 Companies.
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